Feb 28: What do you drink? With whom? And where?

















Feb 27: Shoveling snow to the outhouse

The “tunnel” dug to the outhouse.





























Feb 26: The most expensive thing I ever bought…















Feb 25: Tell us about one of your favorite relatives.












Feb 24: Who would you like to hang out with?













Feb 23: The counter intuitive nature of polite swearing















Feb 22: I could swear I just heard something, but what was it?
























Feb 21: How are you hanging on?










Feb 20: People who live in glass houses, et cetera













Feb 19: Weather or not


























Feb 18: The beauty of curves. the beauty of diversity…

























Feb 17: The reason for movies




















Feb 16: What’s in the icebox?


























Feb 15: Precision, tools, language
















Feb 14: Who do you love?














Feb 13: Still life with whatever’s on your dining table





















Feb 12: The writing is on the wall














Feb 11: Do you prefer schussing or shushing?















Feb 10: What’s your favorite shape?











Feb 9: Are you like your ancestors?
















Feb 8: Making a splash





















Feb 7: What happened here?



















Feb 6: In repose


























Feb 5: Since fish are where you find them…















Feb 4: Ode to a household object














Feb 3: Roosters crowing in the daytime, what’s that about?

Chickens on a lawn with a cockerel pecking at the grass


















Feb 2: How slothful are you, really?



















Feb 1: It’s still winter