What if you postponed everything else
for five days and just wrote poetry?


Typewriter with Poetry buttons, vintage style

Typewriter with Poetry buttons, vintage style

Poetry Boot Camp is a quick way to jumpstart your writing, improve your poems and overcome writer’s block — in only five days.

During the camp you’ll generate five new poems. You’ll learn more about poetry by critiquing other poets and having your own work critiqued. In addition, you’ll get the nurturing and support that comes from being part of a family of poets — sharing the experience with people who are working as hard on their writing as you are.

The critiquing is kind but honest, giving participants a safe place to show new poems and some ideas about improving them. The excitement of reading and writing new work pushes people through barriers they may be up against in their writing.

This is a great place to try different things: going deeper into tough subjects, experimenting with new forms, exploring different voices. People pick up ideas from each others’ poems, too, and are inspired to try new approaches to their own work.

Whether you write all the time and want more of a community, or can’t find time to write and want a clear deadline, Poetry Boot Camp will help. If you’re a beginner and want more exposure to poetry, you’ll get it here. If you’re an experienced poet and want to push yourself, this is a good place to do it.

How It Works: Participants write a poem every day for five days and e-mail it to everyone else. Participants are assigned one poem of someone else’s to critique every day and I critique everyone’s poem every day.

Requirements: Basic e-mail skills and commitment. This workshop is intense. You can hold down a job and participate, but it’s hard to do the writing if you have many other outside obligations. Make sure your schedule is pretty clear before you sign up. Beginning through experienced poets are welcome. Boot Camps run Sunday through Thursday.


September 10-14
October 22 – 26
December 3 – 7

Tuition: $397

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E-mail me if you have questions: mollyfisk@gmail.com