My radio commentary, “Observations from a Working Poet,” runs on community station KVMR-FM Nevada City, CA and airs
for three minutes every Thursday, closing out the News Hour at 6:25 p.m. Pacific Time.

photo: Lori Burkhart Frank

The station calls the archived commentary “podcasts,” and you can find them here.

I’ve written 547 essays since I began this gig in October, 2005, many of them collected in my small and excellent books:
Naming Your Teeth; Houston, We Have a Possum; Using Your Turn Signal Promotes World Peace; and Blow-Drying a Chicken.
(Available here.) They make very good presents, if you are searching for a present. I have never in my life produced this many of anything.
My friend Steve Sanfield once said, “And some of them are pretty good!” I will spare you my retort, as we aren’t supposed to speak ill of the dead.

photo: Tete Cobblah

This is the entrance to my front yard, in case you were doubting that I am an actual poet.