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Molly Fisk’s great gift is the ability to communicate and inspire a kind of radiant joy. — Claudia Mills

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I’m Molly Fisk. I’m a writer. I write as openly and personally as I can about many subjects including love, death, grammar, small towns, lingerie, and the natural world. I was the inaugural Poet Laureate of Nevada County, CA, and this year am an Academy of American Poets Laureate Fellow. I’m also a life coach, radio commentator, writing teacher, public speaker, and painter. All my work is aimed at getting to the heart of who I am. That’s what I want for you, too. A distillation or paring away until you reach your essence. Look around the website and see how you’d like to connect. Whatever we end up doing, it’ll be fruitful, I promise! Spending time with me will get you laughing, crying, thinking, and changing. Welcome. Just for starters, you can read and listen to one of my poems on Rattle‘s Poets Respond page here.


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everything but the kitchen skunk cover

Everything But the Kitchen Skunk
Ongoing Observations from a Working Poet

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california fire and water cover

California Fire & Water:
A Climate Crisis Anthology

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naming your teeth cover

Naming Your Teeth
Even More Observations from a Working Poet

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houston we have a possum cover

Houston, We Have a Possum
Further Observations from a Working Poet

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using your turn signal cover

Using Your Turn Signal Promotes World Peace
More Observations from a Working Poet

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blow drying a chicken cover

Blow-Drying a Chicken
Observations from a Working Poet

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The More Difficult Beauty

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listening to winter cover

Listening to Winter

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