Poem-a-Day, December 2021

A month of daily text and visual prompts in a private FaceBook group
No critique, just generation of new work among your peers
I run this every other month throughout the year.
Register here: molly@mollyfisk.com


January 7, Friday
6 p.m. Pacific time
Blue Light at the Gallery
Molly reads with Kim Shuck and Loretta Walker
on Zoom: RSVP to bluelightpress@aol.com to get the link.

February 12, Saturday
6:30 p.m. Pacific time [Session Three]
UC Riverside Writer’s Week Book Festival
Molly reads with Rajiv Mohabir and Kyle Lucia Wu
on Zoom: details TBA

WORKSHOPS: Click on the class name for more information and to register.
If you have questions — molly@mollyfisk.com — I’m happy to answer them.