Creativity Asks Us to Slow Down

I want to show you some clips from a talk I gave on creativity, but the constraints of this blog site prevent me from just putting the video here. However, if you click on the “continue reading” note at the end of the boxed paragraph, below, you’ll be taken to the right page — on my other, non-blogging site — where you can scroll down a bit and click on the video.

clearlake pier

If all this sounds like too much work, here is the synopsis: …

Creativity, in my humble opinion, requires that we slow down and provide a little empty space around ourselves so that it has room to work on us and in us. Looking out the window is good, walking more slowly. If you want to build a systematic kind of slowing down into your days, it helps a lot to drive only the speed limit and arrive at appointments a few minutes early. Regularly. Like a spiritual practice.

Try it, and see what happens? Let me know.


This is Clear Lake in Northern California, where I stopped as I was driving (the speed limit) home from a poetry reading to watch the ducks. They’re color photos, despite looking so black-and-white.

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