A Working Vacation: The North Coast

Before the Pandemic, I was slated to do a poetry reading in Ukiah, CA, but the virus put paid to that idea. Four years later, they invited me again, and I said yes. I hadn’t done any out-of-town readings since the world opened up, and felt as though I needed to practice being in public […]

coffee and flowers

How to Write an Occasional Poem

If you’re a poet, you already know how to write a poem. There are about two thousand methods, and you’ve been using at least five of them. There’s the wake-up-at-3-a.m. method, when either a poem pulls you right out of bed or some bodily function wakes you and then the poem attacks. There’s the pull-over-into-the-next-gas […]

yuba river

Your Own Poetry

Not every line of every poem is going to be memorable, but once in a while a line sticks in your brain and stirs things around in there. Even, sometimes, one you wrote yourself. This is from “Daybreak,” the opening poem of my last collection: The More Difficult Beauty. Published by Hip Pocket Press, Gail […]